Premium Plus Module

Higher Power Output

Outstanding performance in weak-light conditions

Superior temperature coefficient guarantees solar module efficiency

Higher Quality Reliability and Durability

5400Pa maximum snow load, 2400Pa maximum wind load

Guaranteed 0~+5W positive tolerance secures reliable power output

Strict internal quality assurance plan and extended testing standards ensures enhanced durability

PID Resistant
Improved cell processing technology and IEC-certified electrical design guarantees solid PID resistance

Mono -60 Cells

PS300-320M-20/U, PS300-320MH-20/U
PS320-340M1-20/U, PS320-340M1H-20/U

Mono -72 Cells

PS370-390M-24/T, PS370-390MH-24/T
PS390-410M1-24/T, PS390-410M1H-24/T

60 Cells

  • Mono-M
  • Mono-M1

72 Cells

  • Mono-M
  • Mono-M1