Nova Module

Enhanced Power Output

Cutting-edge metal wrap through technology adopted

Superior power generation under the same condition compared to other modules

Conversion efficiency maintains at 98% at the end of 1st year and 82% at the 30th year

Trustworthy Quality and Reliability

Soldering-free technology eliminates mechanical stress and potential microcrack caused by soldering

Certified resistance for ammonia and salt mist corrosion

Unique Appearance
Customized grid pattern inspires creativity and brings personalized experiences
PID Resistant
Optimized cell processing technology and electrical design ensures solid PID resistance

Mono PERC – 60 Cells


Cast Mono – 60 Cells


Poly PERC – 60 Cells


Mono Perc – 72 Cells


Cast Mono– 72 Cells


Poly Perc – 72 Cells


60 Cells

  • Mono
  • Poly

72 Cells

  • Mono
  • Poly