Draco Module

Extraordinary Product Performance

Up to 30% additional power yield Benefited from bifacial technology and up over 80% cell bifaciality

Competitive high-temperature performance with ameliorated temperature coeffificient

Better weak illumination response, higher power generation with N-type technology

High Quality Reliability

Zero Light Induced Degradation(LID),can increase power generation

Encapsulation with POE and dual glass contributes to excellent anti-PID characteristic

First-year degradation is less than 1.0%, with linear degradation of 0.4% per year for 30 years

Wider Application Conditions

BIPV, vertical installation, snowfifield, high-humid area, windy and dusty area

Safer and easier handling during transportation and installation

410-430W / Mono-M6 / 54*2 Cells

PS410M7GFH-18/VNH, PS415M7GFH-18/VNH, PS420M7GFH-18/VNH,
PS425M7GFH-18/VNH, PS430M7GFH-18/VNH

550-570W / Mono-M6 / 72*2 Cells


54 Cells

  • Mono-M6

72 Cells

  • Mono-M6