Phono Solar

What we do
What We Do

Phono Solar is an ideal business partner to help you implement your renewable energy project. Our professional project team will cooperate closely with you throughout the process - from development, design, procurement, and financing through to project management.


We will help you to design a new project or audit an existing project. Common studies include: electro design of low and high voltage parts, computer simulation and the study into the effects of shading (3D modeling), plant monitoring and management units, design and grid connectivity study.


As a reliable and strong financing partner, Phono Solar can offer an effective and flexible financing solution to meet the various needs of different PV project developers.

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Construction Support

With many years experience in international trading we are able to deliver system components all over the world efficiently and safely. Localized communication through our global branches will guarantee project development without friction.

From high-efficiency solar modules and other renewable products to development approach, our greenfield projects are designed to fast track investor and community approval. As a single provider of renewable energy technology, services and support, we offer one point of accountability as a bankable partner.

Contact us, then you can learn more about our bankability.

Service and Maintenance

We are able to offer you monitoring and supervision throughout your project's construction. In many countries we can customize the project for you.

Our team will supervise and monitor your power plant's performance constantly. This involves continuous monitoring and control which will lead to the smooth operation of your photovoltaic power plant and ultimately maximized efficiencies.