Phono Solar

Dual Glass Module


30+ lifetime PID-Free
Excellent temperature coefficient
giving higher yields in the long term
IP68 connectors enhance the
reliability of the PV system
Outstanding performance in
weak-light conditions
Certified to withstand
increased loads of up to 5400Pa
Durability assured:
Salt mist corrosion resistance Ammonia corrosion resistance
Fire Class A Blowing sand resistance


All-weather adaptability

Dual glass module has All-weather adaptability and have great performance in all climates.

Excellent sealing protects the module from condensation, vapour, gases such as ammonia or methane, many acids and bases, as well as fats, oils and solvents. These have no way of entering the module's active cell layer - unlike with conventional glass foil modules.

You can find the datasheets for Dual-Glass Module in the Download Center.