Phono Solar

Air-Energy Heating Systems

The Home Comfort System concept appeared in the 1970s, and was widely accepted by the 1990s. It respects the life philosophy of health, comfort, ecology and energy saving. It is an important part of a healthy housing standard.

The Home Comfort System makes use of advanced science and technology together withadvanced environmental equipment to customize the residential integrated solution. Thesesolutions essentially improve the comfort level of people's lives in an eco-friendly way.

Floor heating is recognized globally as a comfortable heating solution. The Phono® Air-Energy Heating Systems have combined the air-energy and heating system with an intelligent temperature control system, and taking into account comfort and environmental protection, which helps you to enjoy the perfect low-carbon life.

This system includes air source floor heating, water heating, and air conditioning. It extends the renewable technologies by using the principle of condensing heat recovery in air conditioning; which releases cold air to cool the room where the main part of the energy has been used to heat water. In this way you can enjoy the comfort brought by central air-conditioning and hot water at the same time in the summer, and floor heating and hot water in the winter. This system provides a total solution for hot water, floor heating and air conditioning at the same time, achieving environmental protection and energy saving.

A homogeneous floor surface temperature and stable room temperature is consistent with physiological regulation characteristics, therefore ensuring the best comfort.
Save cost
75% cheaper than an electricity floor heating solution, and 50% cheaper than a wall-mounted gas furnace heating solution
Save space
All heating pipes are laid under the floor, which saves space and is easy for decorating
Low noise
The entire system works quietlyasits insulating layer effectively reduces noise
Easy to maintain
Free of corrosion and incrustation, and maintenance-free.

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